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Celebrate Southern Africa

Nov 25, 2022

Willem van der Walt was inspired to write by his primary school teachers. He has written ever since. In this episode, Willem chats about flash fiction, short stories, his love of fables, and teaching English in South Korea. 

Willem's English blogs are Will Will Travel and Parabox Box.

His Afrikaans blogs are Binnetoe...

Nov 18, 2022

Over the years Treive Nicholas has been stalked by a Jaguar in the Amazon, charged at by a rhino in Namibia, corralled by Oryx in the UAE, and come eye-to-eye with bull sharks on the ocean floor in Mexico. In 1980 he spent time teaching in South Africa. A Nun and the Pig Tales from South Africa is his first book. He is...

Nov 10, 2022

Jean Creasey met her hubby in a nightclub in Edinburgh. She was cheeky enough to ask him to marry her for a passport. But they fell in love and now they run their business together in Welkom in South Africa. Jean has a passion for health products and supporting people to live their lives to the optimum.

And if you have...

Nov 3, 2022

Paul's interest in the 1820 Settlers started when he married his wife, a descendant of the Settlers. 

His website and book are the most extensive collection of information we currently have about those who packed their bags to board a ship to the Eastern Cape in 1819 - 1821. 

In this episode, Paul talks about his...